Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New Fitness Technology, Would you wear it?

LG Lifeband Touch

The arrival of LG's newest fitness products will arrive towards the end of may.

The products LG will be releasing will be the "Lifeband Touch" (as shown in the image to the left) as well as the "Heart Rate" earphones. The date set for these products is May 18th of this year.

These products will be compatible with your iOS or Android smartphone. The products will connect wirelessly and will be compatible with various apps such as LG's Fitness app, Myfitnesspal, Runkeeper, and MapMyFitness.

The "Lifeband Touch" seems more appealing to me just off of first look. The light-weight bracelet has a 0.9 inch full OLED display to show you your various fitness data as you do your run/workout and all you have to do is turn your arm to turn on the display. Pretty fancy I must say. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, curious to hear what other people think about this product.

The gadget has a triple-access-accelerometer or in plain english means it shows you how fast you're running and how far you've ran. The gadget also has a built in altimeter which tells you the air pressure and how high you've climbed.

The gadget also allows you to answer your phone's calls, check incoming text message, and control your music without getting int he way of your workout. Also, the bracelet's built in battery is supposed to last through 5 workouts before needing a charge. 

The device will run for about $150.00, would you buy it? Personally, I don't see how this is any different from taking my phone on a run with me. I feel like this is LG's way of trying to hop on the fitness trend. It does look cool though!

LG Heart Rate Earphones:

Now, I definitely wouldn't use these. The $180.00 earphones are designed to provide you with your heart rate data by measuring the blood flow in your ears.

I'm not sure how many people regularly check their heart rate while working out but this seems a tad ridiculous and definitely too expensive for a set of headphones.

Would you buy this? Comment and let me know what you think, or if you have more information on these products. As of right now I'll stick with my phone or Ipod and some regular cheap headphones.

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