Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My fitness page and what to expect

My name is Cody Foster and I'm a 21 year old fitness enthusiast. This blog will be about my fitness in which I will be posting all things fitness related I find interesting such as; my own workout plans, my personal fitness videos and photographs, fitness related articles, reviews on different products (Mostly from Bodybuilding.com), and anything fitness related in my life.

I've been working out now for about 4-5 years now in which I practice both traditional weightlifting and lots of bodyweight exercises otherwise known as Calisthenics. I'm also into various martials arts such as Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA; many of my workouts will incorporate martial arts.

My video

I've most recently been working on a highlight video or training motivational video of various exercises to help inspire others, all of the clips are clips of me. Feel free to check it out down below.

If you're interested in videos like this feel free to subscribe to me on Youtube at CodyFosterFitness. I will be posting all of my fitness videos on both my blog and my Youtube.

It would also be great if you could take the time to comment on my blog or subscribe to it if you like it that is. I'm open to various requests and if you have any questions at all feel free to comment and I'll get back to you.

Social Media

I also have various social media accounts. You can check me out on Tumblr by clicking here, or you can follow my twitter by clicking here, Instagram by clicking here, and finally pinterest by clicking here.

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